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If you have your heart set on buying a designer handbag, the London Handbag Auction may be the perfect event to get your hands on a rare piece. The auction features 169 bags in a wide variety of styles and colours, and some of the items can sell for up to PS150,000. Each bag is described in detail and graded according to its condition. A grade 1 item shows no signs of wear or tear, while a grade 6 bag needs repairs. However, damaged bags are still considered fair condition.

You can buy luxury handbags from designer boutiques, or from online retailers. However, the most expensive models are often sold out and waiting lists can be long. This is why the luxury handbag auction market is becoming so popular. There are several benefits to buying a designer handbag from a handbag auction.

Christie’s Handbag & Accessories department sells rare and unique pieces from leading fashion labels. The auctions include both vintage and contemporary items. You can also purchase a piece right away through Christie’s Private Sales. Additionally, the Global team provides free, confidential valuations. If you are unsure if your handbag is worth a bid, contact the auction house.

In addition to online handbag auctions, Sotheby’s also holds live auction events. These events typically last two weeks. When participating in these sales, make sure to set Maximum Bids so that you can increase your chances of winning. You should also be aware of Outbid notifications, which are emails sent to you when you are outbid.

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