A Career in Equity Capital Markets

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There are a variety of different ways to raise equity capital. There are listed equity, unlisted equity, and hybrid products. Equity capital market practices advise clients on the full spectrum of these capital market products. A good practice will be able to help investors choose the best product for their situation. However, there are certain risks associated with these investment products, and this should be a priority when considering your options.

Equity capital markets teams provide advice on equity issuance, execution, and syndication. This may include Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings, private placements, and convertible bonds. Some types of people work in equity capital markets, including senior executives, associates, mid-level staff, and junior analysts.

A career in equity capital markets requires a great deal of interest in the markets. It is crucial to have a solid knowledge of the various types of securities, including IPOs. You can prepare for common questions by reading up on recent deals and looking for examples in the media. For example, you can visit Renaissance Capital’s “Commentary & News” section to learn about recent convertible bonds, follow-on offerings, and IPO filings. Another option is to sign up for the NY Times DealBook to receive good coverage of transactions in the industry.

In the equity capital market, large investors can buy and sell stocks. Investors can also invest in companies with smaller caps. The main players are investment bankers, retail investors, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

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