AMC Stock Is Down But Not Worthless

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AMC stock is down as investors continue to sour on the company, but it’s not entirely worthless. In its most recent quarterly report, the company reported a net loss of $121 million. However, the company did report that it had generated a positive operating cash flow of $52 million. This is better than its year-ago results, when it burned through $127 million of cash at an operating level. AMC also reports that it has over $1 billion in cash on hand.

As of August, AMC stock held a respectable 96 Relative Strength Rating. This rating means that it had outperformed 96% of stocks in the IBD database over the last year. However, the company’s 3-month RS Rating had declined to four from 99, and its Accumulation/Distribution Rating has fallen to a B from an A-grade.

Despite this, the stock is underperforming the S&P 500 and has dropped 14% over the past week. Since the beginning of this year, AMC has fallen more than 50%. This has caused investors to become more pessimistic. Its common stock is now down 58% year-to-date, and its units are down 55% since the beginning of trading in August.

But while AMC’s stock has underperformed Amazon, it hasn’t fallen nearly as badly as the latter. The company has been distributing APE shares to investors to raise money. But its financial woes are also hurting AMC stock.

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