Auction Kings Location – Paul Brown’s Gallery 63 in Sandy Springs, Ga.

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If you’re looking for unusual, high-end, and bizarre items, the Auction Kings location is where you want to go. This Atlanta auction house is known for its feisty staff and stellar sales. Paul Brown himself mingles with the crowd and oversees the business. When you walk in, you’ll notice a collection of African artifacts. You might also notice a series of aliens for auction.

The first episode of Auction Kings premiered Oct. 26. Since then, Paul Brown’s Sandy Springs gallery has seen an incredible amount of business. When a production company from Los Angeles wanted to make a show about auction houses, Paul Brown agreed to let them film his auction business. For the first 20 episodes, film crews were in Gallery 63 daily. While the show focuses primarily on Paul Brown, there are also scenes with his father, Bob Brown.

The show crew has been at the auction site almost every day since February. Most of the time, the team is only eight to ten people, but it increases to twenty or thirty people during the monthly auctions. During each episode, there are three storylines woven throughout the 22-minute show. During one episode, Bob Brown is featured as an expert, and the film crew even films some of the material on location at the auction house. The show has attracted two million viewers in a single week. Having a celebrity around the auction site helps attract customers.

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