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Blockchain Monster Hunt is a Pokemon-inspired game built on the blockchain. It aims to introduce blockchain-based cross-chain interoperability to the gaming industry. The game has already attracted a crowded community of gamers who are looking for a fun, challenging, and addicting gaming experience.

The game has been supported by well-known investors, including Polygon Studio and Animoca Brands. The team has raised a total of $3.8 million in private funding to build out its platform. Blockchain Monster Hunt is the first NFT collectible game to use cross-chain technology. This is an important move for the project, as single-chain reliance can cause congestion. This shift to a chain partnership will enable gamers to find more reward sources, and it will also create a stable user base on the chain network.

The value of Blockchain Monster Hunt may fluctuate from exchange to exchange, making it a good idea to do a little research on the market before you invest. There are many risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, so make sure to learn about them and what experts are expecting before making a decision. The stakes can be substantial, so it’s important to be informed.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a cross-chain GameFi project aimed at redefining the gaming industry. With the ability to move monsters from one chain to another, the Blockchain Monster Hunt project is poised to be a disruptor in the industry. Its bridging technology will allow game developers to onboard any game to any other chain within 10 minutes. The project’s roadmap includes a multichain market place and the provision of SDKs to developers.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a multiplayer multi-chain game powered by blockchain technology. It allows players to explore new locations on the blockchain and battle with various monsters, which reside on blocks within the chain. The game is similar to Pokemon GO in that each block on the blockchain is unique, with a limited number of Monsters. The players must capture and battle these unique Monsters to earn coins.

The BCMC token is a digital currency that can be transferred to other blockchain networks. Those who have the token can become active participants in the game’s governance and earn more coins. The BCMC token also gives users the ability to save lives and gain status. With VIP status, players can access advanced features in the GUILD.

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