Financial Quantitative Analyst Salary in Minnesota

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Depending on your skills and education, the Financial Quantitative Analyst salary can be anywhere from $120K to $173K. This is the average salary, which is meant as an estimate only. If you are interested in a job with this salary range, you should make sure you have the proper education, skills and experience to qualify for the job.

The Financial Quantitative Analyst salary can vary by location. Minneapolis, Minnesota, ranks 15th in the country for Financial Quantitative Analyst salary. If you are a Financial Quantitative Analyst in Minnesota, you can expect to make around $112,838 per year.

Minnesota is one of the most competitive states when it comes to Financial Quantitative Analyst salaries. This is due to the fact that the job market in this city is very active. It is important to keep in mind that your salary is determined by past year job postings, and not necessarily by your current experience.

Quantitative Analysts are employed by a variety of companies, organizations, and institutions. They might work for an insurance company developing a risk evaluation strategy, or for a management consulting company. They are also employed by banks and other financial organizations. They develop pricing models, research financial data, and help value bank securities. They also work on market-neutral investment strategies.

The Financial Quantitative Analyst salary is typically below the average salary for budget analysts. But, if you possess the skills required for a job in this position, you can make six figures.

Financial Quantitative Analysts are responsible for developing mathematical models, as well as implementing complex statistical methods to analyze business data. These models are used to inform investment and trading strategies. They are also employed by a variety of organizations, including accounting firms.

The Financial Quantitative Analyst salary can vary depending on the position and years of experience. A Financial Quantitative Analyst with less than two years of experience can expect to make 13,060 USD, while a Financial Quantitative Analyst with more than 20 years of experience can earn 35,520 USD. Whether your position is front office or back office, your salary can increase as your skills and experience grow.

The Financial Quantitative Analyst salary is usually not based on bonuses. However, there are some positions where bonuses can be a big part of your overall compensation. For instance, if your job has direct revenue generation, you are more likely to be offered a higher bonus. A bonus is often a part of your overall compensation, and it is usually a range between 2% and 7% of your salary.

If you are interested in a Financial Quantitative Analyst job, you will need to be able to provide an unflappable work ethic and have an ironclad commitment to your job. You will need to work long hours to perform the tasks involved, and you will need to be willing to work with a wide variety of people. If you are interested in a career in this field, you may want to check out the jobs available on ZipRecruiter.

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