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If you’ve been following cryptocurrency news lately, you’ve probably noticed the latest buzz surrounding Gyen. This stablecoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is backed by Japanese Yen. According to Digitalcoin, the price of one Gyen is set to reach 4 cents by 2028.

The stablecoin’s price has soared in recent days after it was added to Coinbase. It rose 247% in the past 24 hours and over 257% in the past week. It has since fallen back to one yen, however, there’s no specific reason why. GYEN was only listed on Coinbase the day before it soared, so it was frozen by the exchange in an effort to protect investors.

As the world’s first regulated stablecoin, GYEN has been audited to ensure its integrity. As a result, it has been able to avoid some of the risks associated with other cryptocurrencies. Its main goal is to be a global solution to the problems and volatility associated with traditional finance. Because of this, GYEN’s price is directly linked to the Japanese yen.

The GYEN coin’s pegged value has been the subject of a class action lawsuit. A lawsuit has been filed against the company that released GYEN. The cryptocurrency is not a safe investment, so you should be careful to invest your money wisely. Always remember that the best way to protect yourself is to never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

The GMO Trust, the company that issued GYEN, is regularly audited to ensure that it has the correct amount of JPY in its trustee bank accounts. Users are trusting this organization, but the monetary system must remain stable for it to be useful. GMO Trust also has the necessary registrations and licenses to issue GYEN.

In spite of this, investors are still angry about Coinbase’s listing of the gyen. This has led to a lawsuit filed by a group of California investors against the firm and the gyen coin’s issuer, GMO-Z Trust. The investors are hoping to have the lawsuit certified as a class action. Coinbase has been trying to make the process of listing cryptocurrencies more transparent.

The GYEN is currently listed on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges, with a total of ten trading pairs. It can also be stored on a dedicated hardware wallet. Using a hardware wallet will ensure maximum security. There are also mobile wallets available that offer added security. However, GYEN should not be used for long-term capital gains. Instead, it should be used by people who wish to store funds.


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