How to Buy and Sell Auction Jewelry

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When buying jewelry at auction, there are many things to look for. Check the design, size, color and condition of the item. Also, see if the manufacturer is known. Auctioneers will be able to answer your questions and help you establish the authenticity of the jewelry. You can even call the manufacturer to ask for more details. You should also make sure you are prepared to pay a commission. Be sure to have a good camera or magnifying glass with you.

You may want to take the time to compare the prices of similar pieces before making a bid. If you want to buy a piece that you’ve always admired, you can contact the manufacturer. You should also set a maximum price before going to the auction so you don’t overspend. The buyer’s premium, or buyer’s fee, is often 16% of the total sale price, so you may want to set a limit before going to the auction.

If you’re not able to attend an auction in person, consider using an online auction. These sites can make the process easier. Online auctions also allow you to browse the items and place your bid in real time. But there’s one big difference: online auctions don’t allow you to touch and examine the jewelry in person. Visiting an auction house in person will let you examine the jewelry firsthand, touch it, and communicate with the staff.

When attending an auction, you’ll want to make sure the jewelry you buy is of high quality. It’s also best to compare prices to similar pieces and verify that it’s worth the price. For the most expensive pieces, you may need to obtain an appraisal. A reliable appraiser can help you determine the worth of the item.

Auction jewelry experts can help you decide whether to sell your jewelry at a sale. During the process, specialists at Sotheby’s will take photos and write up a comprehensive description of the item. The catalog will contain information about the maker, year of creation and previous ownership of the item. By carefully analyzing the jewelry, you can maximize its potential to sell.

There are many ways to find auction jewelry. First, you should know how to research an auction. This can be daunting and stressful. With the help of an auction expert like Joshua Kodner, you can eliminate the stress and hassle associated with selling your jewelry. This auction website offers over 700 items from renowned jewelry brands like Rolex, Cartier and diamond bracelets. You don’t even have to attend the auction in person. You can also bid on the pieces online.

Alexander McQueen’s jewelry can be as beautiful and unusual as the pieces he created. The pieces range from small, wearable cuffs to elaborate, statement-making constructions. The pieces can easily cost $40k or more and can be purchased by art museums or private collectors.

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