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Internet Computer, or ICP, is a cryptocurrency that will allow you to host data on the internet, and it also allows you to vote on key decisions on the blockchain. However, it has had a rough start and has seen a lot of tokens dumped in the first month. This decentralised technology hopes to change the way that information is stored on the internet. Instead of having data sent to a central data centre, the Internet Computer will use individual computers to store information.

The price of ICP is dependent on the goals of the project and the amount of pressure from its competitors. It is currently worth $7.10 and less than 30% of the total token supply is in circulation. However, with wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, ICP may be able to see a strong rise.

The Internet Computer (ICP) aims to revolutionize the way people create and use technology. Its platform will create a blockchain with infinite capacity that will allow developers to build anything from DeFi apps to tokenised social networks. It is led by founder and chief scientist, Dominic Williams. The ICP price may be able to reach new highs if it can recover from its recent dip.

ICP coin has a long way to go, but there are some analysts who are skeptical about the future of this cryptocurrency. Most of the popular experts aren’t giving ICP a high enough price to warrant buying. In their opinion, the price of ICP is unlikely to reach $100 before 2024.

The ICP project is a huge undertaking that seeks to revolutionize the internet as a whole. It has taken some steps in this direction, but still has a long way to go. It’s also facing a huge amount of competition from Ethereum and Cosmos, which have made it difficult for ICP to attract new projects.

The ICP coin has recently broken the ceiling of its falling trend and is currently consolidating between the $4.90 and $6.40 price range. While the ICP token is currently in a downward trend, technical indicators are indicating that it is about to enter a reversal phase and increase in price. However, the long term outlook is more optimistic. By 2022, ICP is expected to reach $8.18. Its minimum is expected to fall to $7.21. The average price will be around $7.60.

Despite its lack of popularity, ICP has received a large amount of investment from prominent funds. In July, DFINITY announced that it had launched a beta version of its Bitcoin testnet API, which will allow developers to easily integrate ICP into their applications. In August, ICP reached a milestone by registering 100,000 canisters. With the increased attention, the network’s applications are also attracting investment. For example, DSCVR, a Web3 social content network on the ICP blockchain, raised $9 million in seed funding.

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