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If you’re interested in IoTeX coin news today, you’ll find that September has been a very exciting month for the crypto. And it’s expected to get even better in October. IOTA CEO John Raullen hinted at it at SmartCon this year. The month’s events have brought the crypto a few steps closer to a number of milestones, such as the 20 million block milestone, the launch of W3bstream, and unlocking the $12 trillion machine economy.

The IoTeX network is a relatively new project, but its incredible potential will likely affect the value of the cryptocurrency in the future. This is why it’s so important to follow the IoTeX coin news today to keep abreast of its development. The following are some of the key players in the IoTeX ecosystem.

IoTeX is a blockchain platform with a user and device-oriented DID. The platform is governed by 60+ delegates from around the world. Its native token, called IOTX, is an XRC20-based token. Its supply is capped at ten billion coins. The token is issued by a private sale. The company raised $225,000 in the process.

In recent news, IoTeX has been featured in several publications and websites. Its price has increased over fifteen0% in just a single month. The company also recently announced the launch of its multichain wallet ioPay 2.0. In the last month, IoTeX’s price rose by 53%, reaching $0.114 on 31 March.

IoTeX is a blockchain-based platform for IoT devices and decentralized applications. It has received significant investments from crypto funds and leading VC firms, and has partnered with major companies in the IoT industry. This technology allows for easy machine-to-machine interaction.

The price of IOTX is currently below its 200-day SMA, as well as its other moving averages. The price is also trading below its MACD signal line, indicating a bearish trend. However, there’s no reason to be overly bearish on IoTeX today.

While IoTeX’s price increased in November, it has yet to hit a new high. It peaked at $0.26 in November 2021. In addition, IoTeX launched on the NOWPayments payment gateway, which integrates with the popular e-commerce platform Shopify. It uses the Roll-DPoS consensus method to validate transactions. To perform a consensus vote, 24 delegates are chosen from a field of 36 candidates. Once they are selected, they mine new blocks of transactions.

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