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There is no shortage of IOTX coin news, with the price of this cryptocurrency skyrocketing almost three hundred and seventy percent in just a few days. As of October 27 it had been trading at just $0.055 and on Nov. 13 it hit a new high of $0.263, and its 24-hour volume increased to over $3 billion. There were several factors that contributed to the IOTX price jump, including a rebranding to MachineFi, the addition of support for multiple protocols, and the launch of its mainnet for decentralized finance projects.

Regardless of how this coin is performing, the long-term prospects of its price are encouraging. Currently, it has a market capitalization of just over $61 million and is expected to reach a high of $2.20 by the end of next year. But it is possible for its price to drop significantly in the years after that. As a result, it is advisable to stay informed about IOTX coin news to make an informed decision.

The IoTeX team is made up of experienced professionals from various fields, including venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, and a former Uber employee. In addition, Raullen Chai is an advisor to BootUP Ventures and a member of the Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Group at the Industrial Internet Consortium. Another member of the company is Xinxin Guo, who is responsible for the technical strategy and led the team’s development. Qevan Guo, the chief technology officer at Hyperconnect Lab, is an experienced research scientist who previously worked at Facebook. Xinxin Fan, a senior research engineer at Bosch Research North America, also has a background in the field of blockchain technology.

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