Painting Auction

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Whether you’re looking for a masterpiece to adorn your walls or a timeless work of art to add to your collection, there’s a Painting Auction for you. Bidsquare offers a vast selection of vintage and antique paintings, with unique and eclectic styles. Each painting communicates an artist’s unique perspective and speaks to the unique voice of the beholder.

You can search for paintings by era, style, country, or category. Sotheby’s has a dedicated team of specialists in each category, including Dutch, French, German, Spanish, British, Indian, and Chinese paintings. You can also find paintings from other countries or genres. Some auction houses specialize in a specific type of painting, so make sure you check to see which one suits your taste.

Before bidding, it’s important to research the artist. Most auction houses publish an online catalog with images of their works, descriptions of their prices, and information about the artist or exhibition. But if you’re unsure about the value of a piece, it’s best to ask an art expert or an art advisor.

When buying artwork, make sure to check if the frame is included. In some cases, the auction house will put a frame on an exhibition painting to allow viewing. This frame can be valuable, so make sure to check carefully.

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