Qatar 2022 World Cup and Human Rights Issues

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During the build-up to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, human rights issues have been under the spotlight. In particular, there have been reports of abuses of migrant workers, and a campaign of harassment against the LGBTQ community. Qatar’s ruling regime has tried to deflect criticism by hiring PR agencies to pay large sums of money to deflect attention. But the controversy surrounding the World Cup has focused on human rights, and has prompted the UN Human Rights Office and Freedom House to give the country a “not free” thumbs-down.

Qatar has been the target of numerous human rights abuses, and the state has been accused of stifling free speech and press freedoms. According to the Human Rights Watch, migrant workers are subjected to conversion therapy and sexual harassment by the state, and individuals who engage in same-sex relationships can be imprisoned for up to seven years. In addition, women are prohibited from receiving emergency contraception and are required to show a marriage certificate to obtain certain forms of sexual health care.

Earlier this month, a report from the United States Department of State identified credible reports of human rights issues in Qatar. The report cited examples of authorities arresting people for immigration violations and arresting individuals who participated in peaceful protests. It also highlighted restrictions on freedom of movement, sexual assault, and gender-based violence. It also identified problems with human trafficking, and suggested that the Qatari government improve its efforts to fight trafficking before the World Cup.

The report says that thousands of workers have died as a result of unsafe working conditions, long hours, and inadequate wages. In addition, the report says that subcontractors are taking advantage of migrant workers and forcing them to work long hours in harsh conditions. It also says that some subcontractors have taken the passports of unhappy workers. Some of these workers never return to their home countries.

A recent report by the Guardian, based on data gathered by the United Nations and other international groups, found that more than 6,500 workers from South Asia and Europe have died in Qatar in the past three years. Most of the dead were working in low-wage, dangerous jobs.

The United States Department of State report also pointed out that Qatar has not been doing enough to improve its human rights record. The report noted that the country had not taken steps to eliminate discriminatory laws or to investigate reports of sexual violence, gender-based violence, and human trafficking.

In addition, the Guardian report said that the government had not been doing enough to protect workers from dangerous labor. The report said that workers were forced to work in unbearable temperatures and under the threat of intimidation from their employers. It also reported that workers were not allowed to leave their jobs if they were unhappy. It also said that some subcontractors had not paid workers their full wages for months. In addition, it said that many workers were living in squalor and that some had no recourse to get their passports back.

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