Visa Launches Financial Football

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Financial Football is an electronic football game that combines finance and sports. Students answer questions about financial topics and earn points as they gain yardage. These questions are based on real life situations, and are designed to help students understand how money works. It is a great teaching tool that can be easily integrated into a classroom curriculum.

Financial Football can be played online or downloaded to a computer. Students choose the right play by answering financial questions. When a player answers correctly, the team advances down the field. If the answer is incorrect, they can change their play right away with a power up. The more knowledge a player has, the more yards they can gain, but wrong answers can cause sacks and fumbles.

To support Financial Football, Visa has partnered with Edfundo, the world’s first family financial education app. The game was developed by teachers, and contains questions that will help players make smart money management decisions. By collaborating with these companies, Financial Football aims to create a more positive impact on the lives of young people.

Financial Football is a free financial education game. Part of the Practical Money Skills website, the program consists of printable lessons and a fun online football game. There are three levels, and each level offers different content and instruction. A beginner can choose which level they want to play at, and can even play with another person.

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