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World Coin News is the world’s leading publication for collecting coins. Its editors regularly report on new issues and auctions, and feature prominent experts in the field. The publication also features a calendar of upcoming shows around the world. In addition, it sponsors the annual Chicago International Coin Fair. The publisher reserves the right to alter the number of issues in a year or discontinue the magazine altogether.

In a recent article, a prominent Iranian-American multimedia artist created a collection of NFT coins based on feminist topics. In addition, an Iranian-American multimedia artist in Dallas created a collection of NFT coins, a collection of memes about women and weapons. As a result, prices soared in the month. Another noteworthy news is the launch of HG Exchange, a digital securities exchange that uses blockchain technology.

Mr. Johnson was also tasked with collecting the coins of other mint directors. He met with other mint directors every two years to exchange samples. The next conclave is scheduled to take place in San Francisco in 2004. The previous conclave was in Japan, while the 2000 conclave took place in Australia. He also displayed proof coinage from several countries.

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