Yahoo Finance API

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Regardless of whether you’re a financial expert or just interested in the latest market data, Yahoo! Finance can be a valuable resource. The site offers a wide range of financial news, data, commentary and original content. It also offers online tools for personal finance management. It’s free to use, but a subscription is recommended.

Yahoo Finance provides hours of live daily market coverage, expert analysis, and real-time market data. It’s for the insight-driven investor, financial professional, or business leader who takes money seriously. The site’s performance is measured by Comscore Media Metrix and measures its multi-platform audience, content audience, and video audience.

Yahoo finance also offers tools to track the performance of your investments. Users can create a customized portfolio by typing the name of the portfolio, currency, ticker symbol, and company name. They can then view the performance of their investments and can enter trade details in the “Lot Value” column. The tool can even provide links for further research.

The API provides a variety of data, including market data, fundamentals, options, and market news. The setup is relatively easy. It involves installing a few libraries and obtaining personal API keys.

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